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Lost on the highway

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

My daughter was travelling for a work engagement from Melbourne to Geelong on the M1 when her car started to overheat. Rather that stop on the freeway she took the next exit and pulled over safely. She then called the roadside assistance organization (the RACV). As you would expect, they asked for her location. All that she knew was that she was on a road which was an exit to the M1 about 15 -25 minutes out of Melbourne. A number of exits met that description and it took a long time for service van to find and get to her. Her iPhone had a GPS but she needed to manage the different technologies manually (camera+GPS+SMS/email etc.) and besides, there was no address on the country road where she was.

This was the genesis of Ground Control. Package up a picture of the car and the local surroundings with the location as found by the GPS on the phone, and send it to whoever needed find her.

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