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We build mobile eCommerce, 

location based apps.

The Toroid Software development platform contains a web front end viewer and a back end infrastructure that streamlines the process of capturing and sharing your location. It can be used to as the underpinnings of a custom app or as an integrated capability for anyone needing to add location services to there own environment.


The location platform (Ground Control) has been built using the cloud services that are a highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast, infrastructure which have been used to run enterprise grade global web applications. These services provide a flexible, extensible environment to store (temporarily or permanently) geo-location data along with relevant photographic data and other metadata and to share it with other applications.

If your application would benefit from the integration of the Ground control front end, back end or both, please contact via the contact page in this site or email

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The Toroid Software development platform contains a mobile eCommerce solution which enables safe and reliable vendor/consumer transactions.

Store Front Architecture illustration tr
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