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FriendsAt Launch

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

The next app in the Toroid Software family, FriendsAt has been launched. Simplify catch ups with friends or keep track of a group at an outing.

  1. See When Friends Are Nearby

  2. Organise Catch-Ups

  3. Track Your Daily Locations

Friends At app notifies you when your friends are nearby so you can catch up more intuitively.

Creating a catch-up and inviting your friends/family ensures the attendees are reminded to attend, as well as making it simple to keep track of who’s coming, who isn’t and who will be late on the day.

Friends At also keeps a daily log of your visited locations so you can save your favourite places and keep track of where your spending your time and when.


  • See Nearby Friends

When friends are nearby, you and your friends will get notifications. Nearby friends can be

seen in Home Radar screen.

  • Organise Catch-Ups

Send Catch-Up event to friends. See everyone's attending status. Get notification reminder

the day before Catch-Up.

  • Meet Friends

See your friends' current location in Map and participate in Group Chat.

  • State Of Art Location Tech

With the use of latest technology, Friends At delivers One-to-One and Group Location

tracking with low power consumption in real-time.

  • Daily Place Journal

Keep track of your visited places automatically. Check in and check out without hassle.

See how much time spent in each place. Store all data locally and in the Cloud. Your

journal data can only be seen by you and only you. Easily share your visited places with


  • Secure Storage and Transfer

Peace of mind Security. Encrypted Local and Cloud Storage. All data through Internet are

transferred using SSL.

  • Real Time Group Chat

Communicate with your group of friends in meetup, share instant location, images, video.

All content are encrypted and safe.

  • Easy password-less mobile number login

Sign Up and Login easily with your mobile number and one-time SMS token.

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