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So much of our of daily life and business is enhanced by knowing and sharing your location or having others share their location with you. Planned group activities, school excursions, just meeting friends. Businesses such as handymen, delivery drivers, food trucks, pop-up stores, market stalls or those who need to know the whereabouts of remote employees, vehicles or assets.  

Toroid Software builds eCommerce enabled location based Apps.

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Toroid Software will custom build your location based mobile app using state of the art web services and development stack.


Utilizing the underpinnings of its original authored apps makes building your mobile app more cost effective.

Our Apps

See When Friends Are Nearby
​Organize Catch-Ups

Organizers, keep track of participants at events and excursions. 

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MyFoodTruck will keep you in touch with the food trucks in your area. 
MyFoodTruck provides food truck vendors with a showcase for their products and communication with their customers.

Coming soon: Storefront is a mobile first eCommerce application that provides a mobile presence for any mobile business from markets to plumbers quickly and easily. No Web development skills required.

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